New Job Title: Farmer

It’s official! As of October 1, 2015, I became a farmer.


My husband and I had been looking for land or a farm for a long time. Unfortunately, it just never worked out. Barry suggested that I look into leasing some land from the owner of the farm where I board my horse (I now have two horses). I wasn’t too excited about that idea at first because I just wanted our own farm. After realizing that I was running out of options and I didn’t want another growing season to get by me, I finally got brave enough to ask the farm manager. All I wanted was an acre to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and to raise a few chickens and rabbits. Surprisingly, the owner and the farm manager accepted my crazy plan and have been very supportive. I now have a little over an acre to grow everything I can imagine. You name it, I want to grow it!

My experience over the years had been focused mainly on vegetables. I really wanted to learn more about growing flowers.  Last season, I attended classes and farm conferences and visited some amazing flower farms.

The Gardener’s Workshop – Newport News, VA



Greenstone Fields – Purcellville, VA



I learned from other flower growers the best way to start seeds, how to control weeds, how to support plants, how to harvest the flowers, and so much more.

While taking classes, I was also growing some of the flowers that I learned grew well in our area.  They included:




Dahlias (my favorite)







I am growing all of these again this year in addition to many different flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

After years of dreaming about being a farmer, I am now facing the challenges of being a real farmer.

And, it’s the best job ever!








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